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How to make your spray tan last longer

Trying to extend your tan on vacation?

Or simply wanting more longevity with your spray tan?

These tips are for you...

1) The best way to extend and prolong your spray tan is to make sure you either had a professional scrub, or exfoliated yourself with an exfoliating mitt, prior to your tan appointment.

This removes all the dead skin cells, and creates a blank canvas for your spray tan specialist to apply a flawless tan, that will extend days beyond your usual tan length.

2) Avoid sauna's, hot yoga, excessive sweating as this reduces the days and slowly fades your tan. If you are an avid hot yogi, then I suggest showering immediately after class so that the enzymes in your sweat don't get a chance to break down the tan.

3) Go easy on your shower gel especially if you use a drug store brand that contains mostly Sodium Lauryl Sulphates. My suggestion is to use a more natural oil based soap such as this one by Dr Bronner's.

4) Moisturize and keep your skin hydrated with a body oil, I like to use Osea Malibu Oil to extend the life of your tan, Goe oil, or Andalou natural body lotion. The oil does not break down the tan, but helps hydrate your skin.

5) Drink lots of water, hydration is key. When your skin is hydrated from the inside out, there is less tendency for dry cracking. Especially if you are flying or preparing for your wedding.

6) Ask your spray tan technician to mix you up a customized extender lotion for your vacation / wedding to add extra days to your spray tan. If you would like to purchase your own extender lotion from Kini Glow, please reach out to book@kiniglow and we can determine your skin tone and customize a lotion for you.

Extend your spray tan

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